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Lincolnshire Ramblers

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Welcome to the Ramblers Lincolnshire Area.

Welcome to the Ramblers Lincolnshire Area web site . Our area is comprised of 11 local groups. See our walks programmes by selecting below. In addition, we have a 20's to 30's Group specifically for younger folk of the Area. For details visit http://www.lincswalkinggroup.org.uk
See our led walks programmes of 630 walks in the year, covering the whole county and beyond..
Any Questions?  Go to 'Contact Us ' menu, then 'Area Contacts', then 'Colin Smith -  Webmaster'.
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october day 2012 3The historic county of Lincolnshire lies on the east coast of Britain between the Humber Estuary and The Wash

The most scenic part of the county is the 'The Lincolnshire Wolds', designated as one of Britain's "Area's of Outstanding Natural Beauty." (AONB). However, the other areas of the county have plenty of interesting scenery and walks to offer.

Long Distance Paths. The county has several long distance footpaths including, the Viking Way, Macmillan Way, Lindsey Loop, Plogsland Round, Gingerbread Way, Nev Cole Way, Wanderlust Way and Towers Way. More recent ones are Danelaw Way (2005) from Lincoln to Stamford and 'Spires and Steeples' from Lincoln to Sleaford. The Silver Lincs Way between Grimsby and Louth was launched in 2005 by Grimsby/Louth Ramblers Group to celebrate their 25th year.

Photo (Supplied by Stuart Parker) -  Lincoln Group Ramblers on Lincolnshire Day Walk, !st October 2012


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The Lindsey Loop is the long distance walking route in the Lincolnshire Wolds for which there is a guide book written by the late Brett Collier. It was substantially waymarked a few years ago and a few replacement waymarker discs have been added since. To avoid using private gateposts and the like we agreed with the County Council to only fix our waymarkers to posts already being used for standard County Council waymarkers. In the Wolds area which is an AONB(Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) there is a specific requirement NOT TO fix any waymarker, document or the like to new wooden fingerposts and the specially renovated white
wooden roadsigns.

lindseyloopbadges2lindseyloopbadges1phantom lindsey loop

 The pictures above show the original waymarker design and the current one. The picture on the right shows an example of one by the Phantom Waymarker with a marker design different to either of the two official designs. Also, why has it been fixed to the post with sticky tape?

However, in recent months a number of homemade unofficial and less durable waymarkers have been found fixed in places not permitted. The Council does not approve! Who is putting up these unofficial markers? The pictures show the two official waymarker designs and an example of a design used by the Phantom Waymarker. Are you that Phantom Waymarker? If you are we welcome your obvious enthusiasm in trying to make it easier to follow the route. Please contact us so that we can supply you with some official marker discs and suggest some places where they could be used. 

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walkprog 2015

When you join Lincolnshire Ramblers you are effectively ·joining 11 walking groups in the county. You have their printed programmes ·and can walk with any of them. Our printed programme booklet is produced every year and contains well over 600 walks.

Our 11 groups, from the Humber to the Wash,  organise a variety of events throughout the year ranging from short ambles, day walks, midweek walks through to summer evening strolls.As a member of Lincolnshire Ramblers you can go on any of these walks. You are not limited to just one Group. Indeed, since Ramblers is a national organisation you have the right to walk with any Group in the country.

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 geoffs mub icon
Starting in 2008 Geoff Mullett of Grimsby-Louth Ramblers Group devised, walked  and wrote up  11 new walks around Lincolnshire. located in  the territories of the 11 Ramblers Groups in Lincolnshire.

Geoff is a native of Surrey but spent much of his working life in the Bristol area where he Joined the Ramblers' Association in 1987. He moved to Louth with his wife in 2006/.

Since 2008 Geoff has produced two of his Linconshire walks per year, As they appeared the write ups were published in our Area news mag, The Lincolnshire Rambker but each walk can be down loaded by clicking on the links on this page. Here are the walks in chronological order -


  • .1.Saltfleetby, a 5 mile circular on the east coast. Click for details
  • 2.  Alkborough Flats, North Lincs, a 9.5 mile circular. Click for details   Territory - Scunthope Group
  • 3.  Stamford Hills and Holes,   An 8.5 mile circular Details Territory -  Stamford Group
  • 4.  Alford to Well and Rigsby. An 8 miles circular. Click for Details   Territory -  Skegness Group
  • 5. Nocton and Dunston, a 7 mile circuit Click for Details. Territory - Lincoln Group
  • 6. Fishtoft and North Sea Camp - a 9 mile walk near Boston. Details  Note It is now reported that the footpath in bad condition after Point E is now restored to its former glory (29th October 2011)! 
  • 7. Gedney Drove End - an 8 mile circular walk along the Wash coast - Details Territory Spalding Group
  • 8. Tetford - a 10.5 mile walk in the Wolds. Click here for Details. Territory - Horncastle Group.
  • 9.Grantham Canal Walk. 9 mile walk mostly along Grantham Canal.Views of Belvoir Castle. Details
  • 10. Walking Gainsborough and the Trent, Details. Territory - Gainsborough Group/
  • 11. Hough on the Hill - A walk in Sleaford group territory. Details Territory - Sleaford Group.

For more information about Geoff

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Case Study - Flooded Footpath

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Flooding problem on Lincoln Footpath 36 - Success at last!

view before jan2013fp36  success 3  



There is a public footpath within the boundary of the city of LIncoln boundary, close to Hartsholme Park which has been flooded and impassible  for several years  and was once popularly with local leisure walkers,

Now, after 6 years or more of complaints to the Highways Department and no remedial work Ramblers threatened legal  action. The result was that work started almost immediately to put the problem right and within months the "lake" disappeared and the water was diverted under the path instead of over it. The pictures above show the flooded path before restoration and after the work was completed in November 2013.

Last Updated on Thursday, 06 March 2014 14:27
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How to find a led walk

1.You can find details of forthcoming led walks by Lincs RA Groups by going to menu item Group Walks and selecting a Group. This gives briet details of location and leader contact. Click on thr indicated link to get mapped details of the start point. You can print this programme.

2.You can link to the RA National Walks Finder and find walks near to a chosen centrepoint by a named Group or 'any Group'

3.Paid up members of an Lincolnshire Area RA Group receive a booklet showing the led walks programmes for the year for 11 of the county Groups. Details of additional walks or walk changes are supplied through Group newsletters , on the web or sometimes via e mail messages. Details given on this web site are abbreviated versions of thse given in the booklet.

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